500 Intriguing Facts: Nature So Bizarre (Paperback)


Did you know that the ferocious-looking alligators can become as gentle as lambs when it comes to looking after their young? And when you see a trail of ants remember that there is more to them than meets the eye. There are among them farmers, gardeners, masons, nurses, soldiers, slave-makers.. What more? As for raccoons, they are extremely hygienic- they never eat their food without washing it. Oops- must not let the cat entirely out of the bag. There is so much more to flummox you, so many thrilling and intriguing facts. Indeed, nature can be ever so fascinating, even quirky, amusing, hilarious, awe-inspiring and most bizarre. Do go through the pages of this book to find out for yourself how mind-boggling it can get. Enjoy!.

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