A* Science Answering Techniques Paperback


A* Science Answering Techniques Revealed starts with a Concept Map, followed by a Model Example, and Practice Questions with detailed explanations and solutions. Questions are identified as explanation-type or process skill-type which possess higher order thinking skills questions for advanced application.


  • Arranged by key physical science chapters
  • There are common tested questions found in each chapter chosen to train students to tackle physical science questions
  • Model examples show analysis of questions which are step-by-step, so students learn how to identify questions on their own i tests and examinations
  • Detailed explanations and solutions show how to use key words to answer questions
  • Each question and corresponding detailed answer shows students how to identify the topic and focus of the question
  • Students are also taught how to establish the aim of the questions
  • Also includes important notes and tips by teachers regarding key words and best presentation of answers

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