FBP Complete Smart Series: Grammar and Vocabulary Drills 2 Paperback


This 2012 edition of Grammar and Vocabulary Drills 2 is designed for lower primary students (specifically Primary Two Engllish syllabus in Singapore). Five Senses has introduced this series to the Australian market for those seeking challenging extra practice in the important areas of grammar and vocabulary.

Grammar section special features:

  • 21 chapters of English grammar
  • Useful grammar notes in each chapter
  • Clear explanations supported by examples
  • More than 70 exercises
  • Cloze passages
  • Open-ended questions
  • Reading passages
  • Gap-fill exercises
  • Answer key

The study of English grammar helps to build a strong foundation in the English language. The exercises are varied to arouse students’ interest in learning grammar and to expose them to different text types.

Vocabulary section special features

  • 10 units of vocabulary exercises that engage the thinking skills of learners
  • New words and their meanings introduced in each unit
  • Using new words in context
  • Word expansion games
  • Answers


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