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Under the watchful eye of her adoptive mother Marilla, Anne has come to cherish life at Green Gables the dearest, loveliest spot in the world and her true home. Every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of all the people and places she loves: Her family, her bosom friend Diana, her splendid teacher Miss Stacy, beloved tree Snow Queen, the Lake of Shining Waters and the brilliant sky above. Anne even wishes goodnight or good riddance! To pesky classmate Gilbert and nosy neighbour Mrs. Lynde. And through it all, Anne’s imagination takes flight on a whimsical journey through Avonlea.
This sweet and heartfelt picture book is a perfect read-aloud introduction to L. M. Montgomery’s beloved Anne and will delight her brand-new fans and lifelong readers alike.

About the Author

Kallie George is an author, editor and creative writing teacher living in Vancouver, B. C. She has written numerous acclaimed books for children, including the Lost Gift, Secrets I Know, Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Melancholic Mermaid, as well as the Magical Animal Adoption Agency series and the Heartwood Hotel series. She has also taught writing workshops for children and adults across Canada, as well as in South Korea and currently teaches at Emily Carr University.

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