Indian Railways- A Visual Journey: Transforming a Nation’s Destiny Hardcover


The railways did more than link India – its metamorphosis into a network brought the nation together.

This sumptuously illustrated reference book traces the history of the railways in India from the early plans of the 1830s, the laying of the first lines,and expansion into the interiors of the country to its role in India’s momentous freedom movement, and the present era of speed and technological advancement. It dives into the operational and commercial aspects, explores the development of technology, anddocuments the railways’ transition from a colonial tool of expansion and trade to an intricate system with a distinct national identity. At the same time, it also celebrates thebest-loved routes, classic locomotives, iconic stations, and awe-inspiring bridges and tunnels.

Produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Railways and the National Rail Museum along with a Foreword by Bibek Debroy, IndianRailways features more than 700 photographs from the archives. It has been created with the support of a panel of railway experts, including SanjoyMookerjee (retd. Finance Commissioner, IndianRailways), Manoj Pande (retd. Member (Staff), Railway Board), and JL Singh (retd. Joint Director, Indian Railways, and Secretary of the Rail Enthusiasts’ Society). This book is truly a glorious celebration of one of the world’slargest rail networks and the people who brought it to life.

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