Investigating the Carbon Cycle (Searchlight Books – What Are Earth’s Cycles?) Paperback


Carbon is everywhere. It is constantly moving between the air, water, rocks, and living things. But did you know that none of these things would exist without the carbon cycle? Or that humans have caused the carbon cycle to be out of balance? Learn more about the carbon cycle in this fascinating book.

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Mary Lindeen has been interested in learning about the world around her since she was a little girl growing up on a farm in Iowa. She thought learning new things was so much fun that she became an elementary school teacher. She loved sharing books with her students and wanted to know more about how those books were made, so she became an editor. Now she reads, writes, and edits children’s books and still loves learning new things. She and her son live in Minnesota and enjoy traveling together whenever and wherever they can, including making frequent trips back to that farm in Iowa.

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