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Little Leaders: Mathematics Leader K2 Paperback –

Little Leaders: Mathematics Leader K2 Paperback


LITTLE LEADERS is a pre-primary school series specially designed to prepare kindergarten children for Primary One. This series covers the essential subjects and components, namely EnglishGrammarVocabularyWriting and Mathematics.

Each component in the series consists of two books:  For kids in K1 who can’t wait to go to K2 and For kids in K2 who can’t wait to go to Pr 1. Each book contains a careful selection of work aimed at laying the foundations for work that will be done in Primary One.  The activities in each book are structured according to specific learning objectives.

The introduction of awarding stars for each activity will recognize children’s learning abilities and develop their keen interest. This will also motivate them to continue with their learning adventure as they proceed from one page to another.

This book focuses on a variety of topics: countingdata analysismeasurements (length, mass) and time. There is also an introduction to money (coins and dollar notes).

Children will cultivate good learning habits and acquire critical thinking skills as their learning develops from one activity to another.

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