Maggie and the Perfect Puppy Paperback


For Maggie, the opportunity to get her first puppy is an opportunity to dream big. What would the PERFECT puppy be like? Would he have polka dots? A rainbow colored tongue? Butterfly wings? Maggie lets her imagination run wild!

Maggie is an extremely bright and imaginative 5 and 1/2 year old (although she tells everyone she meets “I’m practically six”) who lives in a lovely little house with her mom, dad, brother, grandfather, and cat.

In each of Maggie’s adventures, her imagination takes over when she tries to explain an aspect of her life. She likes to dream of a world more fantastic than her own. She wishes for impossible, fairy tale-like experiences and her imagination allows her travel to new places while remaining safely at home with the people she loves.

Gorgeous illustrations and layouts as well as animated elements on every page of the book help us fall in love with Maggie’s world.

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