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Magical Stories of Ganesh (6 in 1) Paperback –

Magical Stories of Ganesh (6 in 1) Paperback


Easy to read simple language colourful illustrations difficult words explained. Ganesa is a God everyone likes, not just because he is Chubby and lovable, but also because he is clever and heroic. He is also considered a God who removes obstacles in your path. Typically, temples to this elephant-headed God are found everywhere – big and small, since people consider that praying to him would help bring success. How did Ganesh get an elephant’s head? How did he come to be the Scribe for the epic Mahabharata? These, and many other Stories, make for delightful reading in this colourful volume that has simple language and evocative illustrations, along with a glossary of difficult words. Happy Reading.

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