Right Before The Exam – PSLE SCIENCE Paperback


With 6 sets of examination papers to practise on, students will find that the questions closely simulate the style, type and standard of questions that are found in the PSLE Science. The perforation found on each set of examination paper allows students to tear them off easily and attempt each paper much
like the actual examination. The questions formulated for this particular book are challenging, spotting common tough exam questions with an aim to reinforce and build up students’ thinking and process skills.

A unique and extremely helpful feature of this book is the self-explanatory notes that come together with the answers found in the Multiple-choice section in Booklet A. Detailed explanations are given to aid students understand further science concepts and dispel common misconceptions. Students will definitely find this useful in helping them clear any doubts on a question.

With little time left before the approaching examination, Right Before The Exam – PSLE Science is a must-have to reinforce students’ learning of science concepts. With the completion of each set of examination, students will gain a sense of achievement and find themselves ready to take on that final important examination.

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