Science Activities – Level 2 (Science Books) Paperback


Interesting science puzzles and activities for young learners to help them master scientific techniques and methods in a simple way.

This unique series of books on science activities is designed for young inquisitive minds of children. This set of three books packed with fun activities, some that compel thinking and others with action, are sure to capture anyone’s attention. Each book is graded according to the fundamental concepts in Science. A must for every child who is taking a step ahead in today’s fast moving world.
Science Activities book 1 includes easy and basic activities that children will love to carry out. These are meant for children who are just being introduced to the world of science. They will learn the fundamentals of science through activities such as Space Game, Solar System, Rainbow Surprise, Summer Treat and a lot more. The child-friendly activities are sure to keep children engrossed.

Science Activities book 2 is meant for children who love creative activities. This book introduces children to some important concepts of science through activities such as Memory Match, Forest Fun, Wonderful Wings, Planet Puzzle and a lot more. Children will have fun carrying out simple experiments and will begin to love the exciting world of science.

Science Activities book 3 includes activities that will help children understand some difficult scientific concepts in an easy and interesting method. The activities such as Pearl Puzzle, Metal Maze, Fire Mountains and Colour of Your Sky can serve as brilliant school science project ideas. Children can also have a great time working out the activities at home and learning all about the world of science.

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