Score A in Singapore Maths Problem Sums Level 3 Paperback


Score A* in Singapore Mathematics Problem Sums present 18 intensive and effective problem solving methods. This series aims to enhance students’ skills by showcasing a nearly exhaustive collection and wide variety of higher ability maths problem solving sums that help students’ grades in mathematics.

Series Features

  • 18 distinct problem solving strategies introduced, explained and demonstrated in tackling a wide spectrum and variety of Mathematics problem sums.
  • Catchy strategy names and helpful acronyms assigned to help students better remember.
  • Helpful diagrams and notes to give students a visual and better understanding.
  • 550 practice questions for rigorous drill and training.
  • Full worked solutions with individual steps clearly labeled in detail.
  • Enhanced Learning (for Levels 3 and 4) that comprise additional review practices culled form selective strategies.

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