Sunrise, Moonrise Paperback


Praying can come in all shapes and sizes. Some people pray in temples, while others meditate.

Travel with the sun and the moon in this heartfelt picture book to find out how people from different cultures and faiths pray. Read Sunrise, Moonrise aloud to spark a discussion with your young ones about the meaning of prayer and what it can do for us.

About the Author

A fan of vegetables, meditation and tidiness, Trishla Jain calls herself ‘a work in progress’. She is dedicated to deep, mindful living. As a mother of two, she writes books that bring families together to explore spirituality in a light, magical way. Trishla fell in love with English literature while at Stanford University in California, where she resides today. Trishla recently founded Longwalks, an app that helps inspire meaningful connection.

Kirstin Eggers grew up in South Africa, Kenya and France, and graduated in 2013 from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone, England, with a BA (Hons.) degree in illustration. She has been working from Germany as a freelance illustrator ever since. She draws a lot of inspiration from her international background and numerous travels, and is especially fascinated by mythology and folk tales from around the world. She always strives to tell old stories in a new way. Kirstin works with a range of media, from coloured pencils and watercolours for a traditional look to collages and paint-splashing for more experimental projects. You can find more of her work at

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