Teens are Terrific: Getting Ready to Take Off Paperback


When a family has teenagers in the home, parents and kids both see how quickly life is changing. While change adds sparkle to life and makes each day different, change is also bewildering, and a bit frightening, leaving many young people confused. They know they aren’t children, and yet they aren’t sure they are adults. Teens Are Terrific offers answers to this question. Written in letter form from a parent to teenage children, Teens are Terrific is a set of 59 selected short chapters of wise, practical advice on relationships, self-esteem, self-image, maturity, self-control, emotions, independence, work, competition, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, addiction, and many other pressing questions, by the well-known author and counsellor, William L Coleman. Each chapter includes helpful questions for personal application and for stimulating discussion between teenagers and their parents. Teens are Terrific is not only ideal for teenagers, but also for parents, teachers and all who deal with young people. William L Coleman, a licensed counsellor has authored more than 100 books, including the bestsellers It’s Tough to Be a Teen and Entering the Teen Zone. He lectures in seminars, conferences and conventions besides regularly contributing to evangelical magazines. He and his family make live in Nebraska.

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