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Word Power Made Easy Mass Market Paperback –

Word Power Made Easy Mass Market Paperback


Enhance your English and vocabulary with this book

Have you ever felt the need to make your English better? Do you often feel out of place when your peers are engaging in articulate conversations whilst using complicated words you haven’t heard before? Do you find yourself watching Hollywood movies using subtitles? If yes, then ‘Word Power Made Easy’ is tailor made to suit your language needs.

The English language is one such tool which can allow you to present yourself well. Whether the objective is to attract interviews, or indulge in gripping group discussions at your office meeting so you can stand out in the crowd, or giving major presentations in your classroom, a good hold on the language is absolutely imperative. No wonder the importance of English has been highlighted by successful people all around the world! Why not start your journey towards gaining language proficiency with the help of this book?

About the Author

Norman Lewis is a very widely known author who has written comprehensive books on the basics of the English language, vocabulary and grammar. His books have received widespread acclaim and have created a difference in the lives of people across the globe.

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