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Kolkata lends itself effortlessly to poetry. It resides quietly yet resolutely in all its chaos, its colours, its confusions and its conundrums. From quaint by-lanes to the potters’ quarter, Kumartuli; from the true-blue Bengalis’ love for maach to their obsession with indigestion and ombol; over bhaanrs of cha and mouthfuls of jhalmuri and intellectual addas…In this beautiful treasure of verse, Supriya Newar entices you with her incisive observations and transportive expressions that cajole you into taking a re-look at all that makes Kolkata a classic and a forever muse, a poem.

Also available, “Kalkatta Chronicles” by Supriya Newar.


Kalkatta chronicles-rear-view reflections presents a diaspora that unknowingly borrowed from the erstwhile British, accepted the order of the reigning Babus but also added their own seasoning and spices, resulting in a concoction of customs and characters, quite unique and endearing. Who were these characters? What were these customs? Through languid imagery and gentle humour, kalkatta chronicles celebrates an era that featured ‘out of order’ stuck on lifts, ‘loadshedding’ that greeted one every evening and ‘trunk calls’ that spelt urgency. We take pains and rightly so, to preserve our heritage buildings. Should we not pause to reflect, preserve and perhaps pass on ideas and practises that made many of those heritage buildings come alive? Get ready for this nostalgia-filled ride into the quirks that make Calcutta, Kolkata and kalkatta the city of joy.